Sing 2 Trailer Shows The Glory Behind Buster Moon’s Biggest Show

Illumination drops the final trailer for Sing 2 that further showcases the massive performance of Matthew McConaughey’s Buster Moon.

Illumination has released the latest trailer for Sing 2 which further shows the massive performance of Matthew McConaughey’s Buster Moon. The 2016 sequel To sing It’s been a long time coming after the first movie was a box office hit. After some delays, the studio is gearing up to release Garth Jennings’ sequel to the underrated animated film just in time for Christmas and release trailers to re-familiarize viewers with the old characters and introduce them to new faces.

Now, illumination has released the latest trailer for Sing 2, which shows the in-depth preparation Buster and his New Moon Theater crew go through to prepare for their biggest show yet at the Crystal Tower Theater in illustrious Redshore City. Everything from choreography practice to acting rehearsals and of course a lot of singing comes into play. Take a look at the new Sing 2 trailer below:


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The new trailer for Sing 2 it’s a feast for the eyes and ears, as the colorful preview features the soundtrack to “Levitating” by Dua Lipa. The sequel film will feature songs that span genres, from artists like Drake, Bad Bunny, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, BTS, and many more. The trailer also features a look at Halsey’s wolf character, Porsha, a newcomer ready to steal the spotlight, and her various talents. That includes a brief moment when she sings “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys.

As for the star-studded vocal cast of Sing 2 McConaughey is joined by Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kelly, and Nick Kroll. Some new characters, played by Pharrell Williams, Eric Andre, Letitia Wright and more, are also in play. Of course, the lone lion Clay Calloway (voiced by U2’s Bono) is seen as Buster and the gang try to get him out of retirement to be part of the big show. Sing 2 The December 22 release date is the perfect way for the whole family to celebrate the holidays, and it’s sure to be another movie that will get audiences rocking in their seats.

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