Spotify no longer shuffles albums by default, thanks to Adele

Music streaming services are a convenient option for users to listen to their favorite artists without paying for the songs individually. For a long time, some services have offered a free tier that usually comes with ads and limitations. One of these limitations is Spotify’s shuffle button. The company does not allow free users to play songs in the order they appear. However, shuffle will remain the default button even after upgrading to premium – until now. Thanks to Adele, paid users can now play album songs in order by default.

After the release of Adele’s new album 30, Spotify no longer shuffles albums by default on the premium plan. The pop star thanked the music streaming platform in a tweet yesterday, expressing how this had been his only request.

This is a very welcome change, considering that many artists include a chronological progression in their tracks. Users who want to follow album shuffle can find and toggle the button on the Playing now screen.

Spotify has always indirectly encouraged users to play songs in a random order. That’s by prioritizing shuffle and setting it as the default button in albums and playlists. This would make sense in playlists to avoid repeating the same queue in each listening session. However, artists release many albums based on the list order of the songs. For example, some tracks from Lady Gaga Chromatic they fade into each other, so random play ruins this continuity.

Do you listen to the songs on the album in their list order or in random order? Let us know in the comment section.

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