Street Gang Trailer Reveals Sesame Street Documentary Premiere Date

A new official Street Gang trailer reveals HBO Max’s release date of the Sesame Street documentary.

HBO has released a new trailer for Street gang: how we got to Sesame Street, his next documentary that narrates the origins of Sesame Street

The trailer is over two minutes long and covers a lot of ground regarding the creation of the groundbreaking children’s show that began in 1969. Many of the creatives and executives responsible for the show appear, along with the original cast members and, of course, lots of beloved Muppets like Kermit the Frog and Oscar the Grouch. According to the trailer, Street gang will hit HBO Max on December 13.

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The trailer begins with several behind-the-scenes shots of the team on set and the Muppets in their places before the cameras. “What do you think it does Sesame Street So attractive to children? “asks Grouchy Oscar from his garbage house.” I hate it myself. ”Both the archival footage and current interviews are used to examine why the show was created, which was to educate children through television. The iconic street scene, the enthusiastic reception that received, the diversity of the human cast members and the harmony with which they all lived together (including the Muppet monsters) are seen in quick succession.

It also touches on some of the issues with racial representation the show encountered, with certain neighborhoods boycotting broadcasts of the show. And there is celebration from some of the special guests like BB King and Stevie Wonder, who helped broaden the horizons of young viewers. When the famous theme song begins, Jim Henson and Frank Oz are celebrated, with iconic take after take of many of the show’s greatest moments. A young woman who gives Kermit a hug and a kiss helps the trailer close with affection.

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Originally released in theaters in April this year and then available via video-on-demand in May, this release date marks the first time the documentary will be widely available to HBO Max subscribers. Taking inspiration from the 2008 book titled Street gang by Michael Davis who told the story of Sesame StreetCreated for its 40th anniversary, the documentary has garnered critical acclaim for its insightful look at the beginnings of one of the most beloved and influential shows on television.

Street gang: how we got to Sesame Street premieres on HBO Max on December 14.

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