Tabloid PI Tried To Find Out if Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend Had an Abortion and ‘Sexual Diseases’

A British private investigator who works for the editors of the Sun and the first World News He told a BBC documentary that he tried to find out if Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, had ever had an abortion or had a “sex disease.”

In the documentary, titled Princes and the pressAmol Rajan, BBC media editor, noted that Gavin Burrows, “is now providing evidence in the legal actions against the editor of the World News and the Sun“And he added that” their claims are strongly disputed by them. ” (The Daily Beast has requested comment from News Corp, the owner of News UK, the current name of the publisher of the titles.)

The documentary came to attention after it was reported that the offices of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William had threatened to boycott the BBC, allegedly because they were angered by the documentary’s claims that their offices actively reported against the prince. Harry and Meghan, planting negatives. stories in the press about them.

There were only passing references to informational wars in tonight’s episode. The second part of the documentary to air next week is reported to make more incendiary claims.

There was a lot of hacking of voice messages, there was a lot of surveillance work on Chelsy Davy on their phones, in their communications.

Gavin burrows

However, Burrows’ admission of the depths to which he had lowered himself in his efforts to uncover details about Harry’s life, including investigating the intimate details of Chelsy Davy’s life, was truly shocking.

When asked if Harry dating Chelsy had “opened up a lucrative new avenue” for him, Burrows, who said he was “on my coke” at the time, replied, “Oh, a lot. There was a lot of hacking of voicemails. “There was a lot of surveillance work on Chelsy Davy on his phones, in his communications. Chelsy bragged to his friends when he went to see him,” he said.

Rajan asked, “So your life became an object of obsession for you too?”

Burrows replied, “Yes. Medical records, if she had an abortion, sexual diseases, ex-boyfriends, examine them, verify them, education. “

When asked what he would say to Davy, Burrows replied, “Oh, I’m so sorry … my actions were ruthless.”


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