‘The Art of Goosebumps’: New Book Will Spotlight All the Original ‘Goosebumps’ Book Covers!

No less important than a file RL Stein– Stories written by themselves, artwork from Tim Jacobs For this original run of The scream of terror Books have helped take horror tales off shelves like hot cakes, and a brand new book is on our way this year that will shine a light on this art classic.

Dynamite Entertainment will be launched

It features loads of fun facts about the series along with a detailed tour of all the books and covers in The scream of terror Collections, this art book is a must for fans old and new alike! “

In the summer of 1992, Scholastic commissioned horribly talented artists to create cover panels for books that would be shown for the first time. The scream of terror Series. At the time, four books per line were tested by the publisher to see how young readers would react to R.L. Stine’s brand of horror mixed with humor. One of the items that was sure to catch the attention of little eyes everywhere was the amazing cover art, and boy, did they find it! “

Images provided by the covers The scream of terror The series is an integral part of the zeitgeist for kids in the ’90s, helping to create a visual brand for the smash hit horror series RL Stine. The covers helped set the tone for the series’ many adaptations, including the TV series, the theater experience, and most recently, blockbuster movies! “

Book cover written by Sarah RodriguezAnd filled with artwork by Tim Jacobs.

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