The Batman Fans Are Ecstatic About Barry Keoghan’s Rumored Villain Role

Fans of The Batman express their excitement for the role of Barry Keoghan after his mysterious villain is seemingly revealed online.

Rumors about actor Barry Keoghan’s role in Matt Reeves The batman It appeared recently after Keoghan’s own brother showed up to reveal the mysterious role online. With those rumors circulating, fans have responded and given Keoghan their approval.

Online fans expressed their enthusiasm for Keoghan as none other than the Joker in The batman. Some have called it the perfect casting or the perfect match with Robert Pattinson involved as the Dark Knight. Since the rumors began, several fan art pieces depicting Keoghan in the Joker’s iconic makeup have already been released, giving audiences an idea of ​​what the actor would look like, if in fact he appears as the Prince. Crime Clown in the next movie.

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In a now-deleted Facebook post, Eric Keoghan wrote: “So My Brother finally came out playing the JOKER in the new Batman Unreal Stuff.” Rumors surrounding the Joker in The batman They have been around since last year, although no specific actor was attached. It was only recently speculated that Keoghan, whose casting was announced in 2020, would be Joker. It is unclear whether or not Eric Keoghan’s post was a joke and should not be treated as a confirmation of Barry Keoghan’s role. No official confirmation has been provided.

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Batman already has several classic supervillains from the detective’s rogues gallery, including The Riddler, the Penguin, and Catwoman. Some fans believe that the movie will also feature another version of the Joker, following actor Jared Leto’s portrayal in the DCEU. There are numerous castings by popular fans, like Kristen Stewart, for which the actress herself seemed somewhat apprehensive. Stewart previously responded to social media posts, saying, “It has really been done very well. I feel like, maybe, let’s not get discouraged, but I love that taste. Let’s think of something else. I’m totally willing to play.” . a strange and scary person. “She quickly added:”[That’s] no [a definitive] ‘no’, but not the most excited I’ve ever been … Let’s do something new. “

So far, the trailers of The batman They have not provided evidence that the Joker will appear and focused almost exclusively on Batman’s battle against The Riddler. The film revolves around the Dark Knight’s early days as a vigilante and introduces several unique takes on classic characters, including the aforementioned Catwoman, Riddler, and Commissioner Gordon.

The batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.

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