‘The Cartoon Guide to Physics’: Quirky comic book is 35% off at Amazon

Comics can be an excellent way to get children interested in reading and science. That’s why Larry Johnek’s book “The Cartoon Guide to Physics” will be a fun and educational gift for your child or anyone curious about physics.

Although it won’t replace children’s textbooks, this animated guide will engage you in some serious physics concepts, from electricity and magnetism to Einstein’s theory of relativity and more. You can get a copy of it 35% off on amazon For Black Friday. The black and white comic graphics bring readers into the narrative of two main characters: Lucy, an astronaut, and her accident-prone owner Ringo. Good Oole Galileo also appears, wondering if a feather would fall slower than a brick falling into the void. Surprisingly, you know, he found that everything – regardless of mass – falls with the same acceleration.

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