‘The Matrix 4’ Writer Says It ‘Subverts the Rules of Blockbusters’

David Mitchell says that the sequel “contains the three Matrix that preceded it in a really ingenious way.”

"The Matrix Resurrections"

“The Matrix Resurrections”

Warner Bros.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss aren’t the only talents to reunite with filmmaker Lana Wachowski in “The Matrix Resurrections.” The fourth installment of the film franchise “The Matrix” is co-written by David Mitchell, author of “Cloud Atlas.” Wachowski worked with Mitchell on the 2012 film adaptation of that novel, and they later joined forces to write “The Matrix Resurrections” with “The Lazarus Project” author Aleksandar Hemon. Mitchell poked fun at “Resurrections” in an interview with the Greek newspaper To Vima (via Total Film magazine).

“I saw the movie in Berlin in September. It’s really good, ”Mitchell said. “I can’t tell you what this movie is about, but I can explain what it’s about. It’s certainly not yet another sequel, but something self-contained that contains the three Matrix that preceded it in a really ingenious way. It is a very beautiful and strange creation. It also accomplished a couple of things that we don’t see in action movies, which means it subverts the blockbuster rules. “

Warner Bros. continues to keep plot details about “The Matrix Resurrections” secret. Reeves returns as Neo, who in the trailer lives in what looks like modern San Francisco with no recollection of the events depicted in the original “Matrix” trilogy. Neo doesn’t even recognize Trinity (Moss) when the two meet at a coffee shop. At some point, a mysterious character (franchise rookie Jessica Henwick) arrives to send Neo on a new mission. “Watchmen” Emmy winner Yahya Abdul-Mateen II appears as Morpheus, but not the same as Laurence Fishburne portrayed in the first three films.

“I think what the script provided was a new narrative and some new opportunities that made room within the Matrix universe for a new Morpheus,” Abdul-Mateen II told Entertainment Weekly in October. “I play a character who definitely knows the history of the Matrix [and] the story of Morpheus. This character is on a journey of self-discovery. There is much in our story that is about growth, defining your own path. Morpheus is not exempt from that. This is definitely a different iteration of the character. “

“The Matrix Resurrections” opens in theaters on December 22. The film will also be available to stream on HBO Max starting the same day.

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