Travis Scott’s brand damaged amid Astroworld tragedy, says expert

Experts weigh in on how Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner could be financially affected after the Astroworld tragedy on November 5. (Photo: Getty Images for Netflix)

Kylie Jenner returned to social media for the first time since she was criticized for her handling of the Astroworld tragedy, while her partner Travis Scott remains out of the public eye. It’s been less than three weeks since the rapper performed during the deadly concert that killed 10 people and injured hundreds more.

Scott, 30, has been named in multiple lawsuits totaling more than $ 3 billion and they keep piling up. But what exactly is the rapper hooked for? One legal expert says the case “will come down to what you knew about the security issues, when you knew about the issues and what you did about it.”

“If Scott ignored the known risks to his concert goers, either before or during the show, he could be in danger from negligence, at least, and from the millions of dollars in damages that could result from the lawsuits. “said attorney Rachel Fiset. Zweiback’s managing partner, Fiset & Coleman, tells Yahoo Entertainment. “The incidents at Scott’s previous concerts will be a factor in the plaintiffs’ claims that Travis Scott should have done more to alleviate the risks on his show, but investigations into what happened to cause the horrific tragedy at Astroworld are still ongoing. ongoing and Scott’s knowledge appears to be still unknown. ”

Fiset says Scott “could be held liable for multi-million dollar damages, which, of course, could lead to bankruptcy with the amounts possible as a result of these lawsuits.” However, it will be a stretch to put this only on Scott. While it is unclear how the incident will directly affect the musician financially, his brand could be irreparably damaged.

“It’s been a brand disaster through a treasure chest of mistakes,” says crisis public relations expert Eric Schiffer. “After the incident, he said he was devastated, but Travis’ opening words don’t ring true to many people. Why did he keep performing when emergency vehicles stopped if he was so devastated? Why didn’t he stop the music and Producers announced it? Why did he and Drake throw a party right after? “

Schiffer believes Scott was “slow to respond” – the rapper finally released a statement the next day.

“Attempts to manage his brand have not changed the perception that he enabled an environment that sparked a lethal night of music,” adds Schiffer.

Scott isn’t just Mr. Kylie Jenner. Forbes declared the “Sicko Mode” singer a “brand whisperer” and placed him on its 30 under 30 list. He reportedly made $ 20 million from his McDonald’s deal, launched his tough seltzer Cacti, and partnered with Nike and its Air Jordan line on Cactus Jack, a sub-brand he created. Nike has postponed the launch of its latest sneaker collaboration following the tragedy. Dior is evaluating the possibility of going ahead with its men’s spring line in collaboration with Scott.

“You are witnessing the most incredible brand success for a musician in modern American history. Travis is sitting on a powder keg that could watch his empire explode,” believes Schiffer. “Many brands will see Travis as a plague, which could face their business explosion. Travis’ legal liability is nothing compared to the severe financial pain and suffering that he can suffer with Napaline brand deals right before their eyes. Nothing. The stuff is over, but he’s an incremental stepping away from individuals and families outraged enough to direct his anger at the Travis brand partners. “

The union of Scott and Kylie was announced. W Magazine The cover, which was filmed before the tragedy, will not be published or promoted digitally after the incident. So is that a sign of things to come for the powerful couple?

“There will continue to be a significant slowdown of any stock and a lot of analysis and observation of how Travis is running things over the next few days and weeks,” explains Schiffer.

As for Kylie’s billion dollar solo brand, she is likely to come out unscathed. The reality star was present at the concert, but was pulled from the VIP section with Kendall Jenner. The Kardashians were criticized across the board for appearing insensitive after the tragedy, posting about Kris Jenner’s birthday, and most of all, doing business as usual.

“Kylie and the Kardashian family will not be held to the same standard as Travis. Therefore, the criticism will not materially affect the Kardashians,” says Schiffer.

“If I were advising Travis, I would let him know that because trust is damaged, the battlefield will have to focus too much on defining who the real Travis Scott is. It would make it clear that his most significant risk is that he runs into for many as distant, “he continues. “Travis has the difficult challenge of making the public understand the past events in which he fostered a lack of security in the face of an image of what he wants: the innocent bystander responsible and unaware despite people suggesting that he was being warned of the deaths below his stage. ”

Travis Scott and Drake named in a $ 750 million lawsuit from Astroworld:

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