Vicki Gunvalson Had Uterus Removed After Secret Cancer Battle

RHOC's Vicki Gunvalson talks about secret battle with cancer: 'I just had King F's womb removed'

Vicki gunvalson Amy Sussman / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

Stay strong. Vicki gunvalson has recently opened up about her secret battle with cancer.

“I had cancer”, True Orange County Housewives The 59-year-old student shared during an appearance on Wednesday, November 17, on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” podcast alongside Judge Tamra. “They just took my whole fucking uterus out.”

The reveal of Bravo’s personality came shortly after she opened up about her relationship with her ex. Brooks ayers and how he faced his supposed battle with cancer.

“What did I win? Fuck, I took $ 380,000 out of my checkbook and brought it to his, ”the Illinois native explained. “I paid for all his shit for five years. So people say that I was involved in a scam? I was scammed. He was “sick” so he couldn’t work. Don’t put me in this rabbit hole. “

the Ultimate Girls Trip The star continued at the time, “He made me [go] Absolutely crazy to think of anyone thinking that they would do that to someone when so many people have suffered from cancer. “

While the Coto Insurance CEO did not elaborate on her diagnosis, she admitted that she was “going through a difficult time right now.”

“I don’t need anyone to take me down,” Gunvalson added.

Last month, the host of the “Whoop It Up with Vicki” podcast made headlines when she announced her split from her ex-fiancé. Steve Lodge Soon after, Judge, 54, apparently hinted that the 62-year-old had been unfaithful.

Get out of bed @vickigunvalson and let’s scream. I hate to see you so sad 😞 nobody is worth it girl. Especially after what you found out last night. 😡! ”Judge wrote via Instagram in October. “You are beautiful, you are strong, you are smart! Don’t let anyone tell you anything different (I’ll be evaluating all the guys who want to date Ms. Gunvalson in the future). New idea for the show: ‘fill up Vicki’s love tank’ as we drive around town in a family van in search of Mr. 😂. “

The insurance agent, for her part, responded to her partner RHOC alum: “Thank you Tamra. Yes, I’ll give you the witness. Obviously my selector is off. … Stop following Steve if that’s the case. “

She even alleged that the politician had cheated on her while they were together, sharing via an Instagram comment at the time: “While I was out of town working on a business trip, he took her to my condo in Mexico! He’s been flaunting my city in OC kissing in public places. It’s disgusting. … You’ve been dating a 36-year-old and it’s not what he describes himself. No Christian would do what he has done. “

However, Lodge claimed that his ex-fiancée’s claims were false, saying Us weekly in a statement: “The outright lies you are now spreading on social media are highly disappointing and insincere, to say the least. But I can’t say I’m surprised. “

Gunvalson spoke even more about how he was dealing with his breakup during his appearance Wednesday.

“Steve’s family is my family, still,” he told the host. Jeff lewis, noting that he initially didn’t want to break up. “I love them like mine. This fear of being alone [and] abandonment has always been huge for me. “

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