Wack 100 & Akademiks Claim Suge Knight Fed 6ix9ine Info About Snoop Dogg

There was a time when the music industry, especially the Hip Hop sector, was intimidated by Suge Knight. There are dozens of stories from celebrities and rappers about their dealings with the towering icon of death row, and for many of those who have stories of him taking over the genre under his reign, there are those who feared Knight’s presence.

Wack 100 and Suge Knight were once friends, but if you ask Wack about their relationship now, he’ll tell you that he has no respect for the jailed music executive. “The streets have never replaced the entertainment business,” Wack told DJ Akademiks at the Unofficial podcast. “Those who have tried to replace him have all fallen on his shitty face.”

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“The first guy who tried to do it was Suge Knight.” Akademiks chimed in that Suge used intimidation tactics, but Wack disagreed, stating that some of Suge’s methods weren’t actually bullying behavior. The Wack 100 then went on to “gangster shit,” including men who allegedly raided Dr. Dre’s home and stole everything from the now-billionaire.

“Now, let’s face it, and I’ll talk about that,” he continued. “I don’t respect him. Not at all. You can’t respect a man; I paid for this man’s mom’s funeral. I sent a damn telegram at a time when we weren’t even talking and getting along. But out of respect, because he was who he was and he opened some doors for me … For me to listen to recordings of this man saying that I am the reason he is 28 years old, as if I were the mother who drove the truck, he is crazy “.

Wack explained that Suge said Wack was supposed to take care of his attorney’s fees, and because they didn’t take care of them, that’s why he received his hefty 28-year sentence. Wack detailed his side of the story about a business deal gone wrong with Suge, adding that he believed they signed all of the contracts, only to learn that Suge did the same with several others. In his contract, Wack included Suge’s attorneys’ fees in a settlement worth tens of millions of dollars, but it fell apart.

Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre
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He also went back to his story about Suge allegedly shaking Dre and stripping him to nothing. Wack admired how Dre was able to rebuild while Suge is in prison. He also denied that he’s trying to be like Knight, insisting that Suge is the model for what not to do. In an explosive reveal, Wack also told Akademiks to tell the truth about who was sending Tekashi 6ix9ine information about Snoop Dogg. The two rappers got into a heated back and forth and Wack asked Akademiks who was giving 6ix9ine details about the Long Beach icon.

“Suge Knight,” Akademiks said. Wack added that they both saw the proof. “But then [he] on the phone with Snoop … Snoop has a big heart. If I was him, I would never have gone down that path, “Wack said of Snoop making up with Suge.” He’s a true godfather to the West Coast. “

Check out the clip of the interview below.


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