Washington Post hardcover bestsellers – The Washington Post

1 Project 1619 (One World, $38). Written by Nicole Hannah Jones, The New York Times Magazine. The articles contextualize the history of slavery as part of the founding of the United States. 2 blew everything up (FSG, $35). Written by David Graeber and David Wingro. An anthropologist and archaeologist who challenges modern scientific principles of the evolution of human culture. 3 the taste (Gallery Box, $28). Written by Stanley Tucci. The actor and cookbook author shares the stories behind his recipes. 4 The narrator.. the narrator of the stories (Day Street Books, $29.99). Written by Dave Grohl. The musician reflects on his life and career. 5 The boy, the mall, the fox and the horse (Harper One, $22.99). Written by Charlie McKissie. The British painter brings myths about unexpected friendships to life. 6 the words (Levright, $100). Written by Paul McCartney. The former Beatle shares his personal archives, detailed from his life and music career. 7 carnival snacks (Little Brown $32). Written by David Sedaris. The famous humorist recounts diary entries from the past two decades. 8 betrayal (Duton, $28). Written by Jonathan Karl. ABC News’ chief Washington correspondent links the pattern of ambivalence in the White House to the Capitol uprising and the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. 9 book please (Celadon Books, $28). Written by Jane Goodall, Douglas Abrams, and Jill Hudson. Reasons to be optimistic about humanity’s future from the iconic natural world. 10 renewal (Crown, $50). Written by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. The former president and legendary musician are expanding their podcast series and sharing relevant personal material.

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