Watch Jenna’s husband go undercover as an NBC employee to celebrate her birthday

Thursday is not just Thanksgiving. It also marks the 40th anniversary of TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager and her twin sister, Barbara Bush.

But since many Americans will enjoy their turkey, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and take into account all the things they’re thankful for, the celebration kicked off early in Studio 1A on Wednesday morning.

Jenna’s husband, Henry Hager, even had a surprise on the air.

Who knew Henry Hager was funny? The devoted husband visited TODAY Wednesday for a fun birthday tribute to Jenna.

In honor of his wife’s big day, Henry donned a navy blue jacket, channeled his internal NBC page, and hit the pavement for a “Man with a Microphone” segment about his wife for more than a decade. The best part of all was that it served as a birthday tribute and a fun barbecue.

“We’re going to go outside and find out how well known she is and how old they think she really is,” Henry said in the video clip.

Before she even approached the first pedestrian to ask about Hoda Kotb’s co-host, aka “the presidential girl”, Jenna was already cowering, laughing and saying “noooo”.

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Henry soon met a man who was able to name Jenna right away when asked about the talent on TODAY, but had a hard time thinking of other names on the show.

“This is great,” Henry replied. “You know who Jenna is, and you really don’t know who Savannah (Guthrie) is. I think Jenna is really going to love it. “

He then went on to ask her about her age. One person guessed he was 32 years old, while another berated him, because “you’re not supposed to ask a woman how old she is.”

Despite it all, Jenna laughed until tears welled up in her eyes when the man she married 13 years ago nailed an awkward part of a page for a day.

Jenna couldn't believe that Henry had come up with this plan on his own.  (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)

Jenna couldn’t believe that Henry had come up with this plan on his own. (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)

When the topic turned to their favorite food, a couple of Texan fans and fellow Texans thought tacos were on the menu.

“Very close,” Henry replied. “There is something you put in tacos.”

The answer was, of course, cheese, which he described as “basically a liquid, thick, melted cheese.” The vegan I was talking to at the time also chimed in to call it a “nasty” cheese.

Finally, Henry spoke to a man about 10 o’clock on TODAY.

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“What would be possible after 10 am?” asked the passenger on the bike. And when Henry asked who could host that hour with Hoda, the man wondered if the answer was Kathie Lee Gifford.

But since it was actually Al Roker he was talking to, it was all said as a joke.

“That was difficult,” Henry exclaimed when it was all over. “I’m going to have a coffee, warm up and never try again.”

On a more serious note, before entering the studio, she added, “Jenna, you are an amazing presenter. You are so good at this job. I don’t know how you do it. I love you. Happy birthday!”

Jenna really enjoyed her birthday surprise.  (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)

Jenna really enjoyed her birthday surprise. (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)

“That was so cute!” She told him. “I can’t believe you did.”

The fun of the fourth hour was just one of Jenna’s first birthday gifts. The first came in an ad that aired earlier in the morning, when he met rock legend Bono for an interview that turned into a birthday party, and TODAY with Hoda and Jenna was full of sweet surprises for him. co-host.

We hope Thanksgiving has even more surprises to thank Jenna for.


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