Why “The Very First Night” has queer fans freaking.

Taylor Swift is the kind of lyricist who can break your heart like a geode, to reveal the sparkling crystals of emotion you never knew were inside you. There is a scene in your Netflix documentary. American lady, released in January 2020, where he is in the studio with Jack Antonoff and writes “Getaway Car” for Reputation. The words “I put the money in the bag and stole the key, that was the last time you saw me” came out of Swift’s mouth so fast I’m not convinced they weren’t divinely delivered to her brain. What I’m saying is: this is a person who knows how to write a song, who is intentional in his choice of words; a person that Jake Gyllenhaal kept as a secret, while Swift kept it as an oath. “You can’t spell ‘awesome’ without ‘me'” is a line that we probably all could have done without ever having heard, but even in the candy-coated nonsense of a song that is Lover The lead single “ME!” Swift got the job done. She is a composer who knows exactly what she is doing when she puts the pen on the paper.

Doubting that, at this point, is simply clinging to an era of years gone by where hating Taylor Swift was a personality trait. Say what you want about her, although not to me, I don’t want to hear it, but the woman knows how to write exactly what she wants to say in her songs. This is why I can’t stop thinking about several lines from his new album, a 2012 re-recording. Red. One of the songs “from the vault”, new tracks, for those who do not speak Swift, in Red (Taylor’s version) is a catchy number called “The First Night”. It is about a secret love from the past and the yearning to go back in time, and the first time you hear it, it is a song that is so much fun to dance to in your living room as you jump up and down as quietly as you can, because it’s 12:45 am and you have neighbors.

The pre-chorus goes like this: “They don’t know about the night at the hotel / They weren’t in the car when we both fell / I didn’t read the note on the Polaroid photo / They don’t know.” I know how much I miss you. “From the way they scan the lyrics, my brain immediately wanted them to be a simple AABB rhyme scheme. Even without knowing the lyrics to the song, I wanted the last word to rhyme with” picture. ” Pronoun rhymes with “image”, you might ask? “Her.”

I didn’t read the note on the Polaroid photos. They don’t know how much I miss she. Hearing it with that in mind feels like a fake, our ears went straight to an expected convection, only to have it ripped off at the last second. Swift does it a second time later in the song, rhyming “whispered” with “you.”

If you know anything about Swiftdom, it might not surprise you that there are two camps that are having trouble with this particular song currently. These are the Hetlors (“het” as in straight), who are fans who affirm Taylor Swift’s bluntness and frown on queer interpretations of her lyrics, and the Gaylors, who are, well, the opposite. (That’s “gay” as in … duh.) The first group insists on their belief that these lyrics don’t rhyme because that’s exactly how Taylor wanted them to be; some even think the song could be specifically about Harry Styles. The second group also agrees that the words don’t rhyme, but it’s because Taylor hides the song’s true message. (Swift identifies herself as straight, but for years rumors, fueled by clues that Swift herself apparently left, have swirled about her sexuality.) On TikTok, queer fans have already edited the track to have what they consider to be the correct word in the lyrics. , while questioning his current state.

What Swift is doing is employing a classic songwriting trope, sometimes called mocking rhyme, which is a name that seems appropriate for what’s going on here. On FrozenFor example, another work that is constantly studied for its strange nuances, there is a song sung by a talking snowman obsessed with summer and who has no idea that it will melt in temperatures above freezing. “Winter is a great time to stay home and cuddle,” she sings. “But put me in summer and I’ll be a … happy snowman.” The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”, as noted on TikTok, offers a less G-rated version of a tease: “Now they’re going to bed and my stomach is sick / And it’s all in my head, but she’s playing his … chest. “It’s a nifty little trick to mess with a listener’s head to get us to pay attention. We all know that these words were supposed to be “puddle” and “penis”; doing it this way creates a little inside joke between artist and fan.

Swift knows that the words “picture” and “you” don’t rhyme. She knows you can tweak it to “pict-cha” and “ya”, to scan a little more cleanly. But he chose not to do that, which is, in himself, to say something. Parts of the fandom think it’s unfair for Swift to speculate about her sexuality, but Swift is an artist known for baking codes and Easter eggs on her word and brand. She is known for everything from capitalizing certain letters in her notes that spell out secret messages, to wearing particular outfits to send signals about album releases. (A purple velvet suit that she wore to the premiere of her short film for “All Too Well [Taylor’s Version] [10 Minute Version]”He has some Swifties thinking that the next album he will re-release will be Speak Now, because the original album art was purple, while the 1989 model car used in the film has other fans thinking 1989 will be next.)

During the Lover era, Swift debuted with her single “ME!” upon Good morning america, after an interview with the only gay icon Robin Roberts. In the video for “You Need to Calm Down,” the upcoming single from the album, Swift’s hair is dyed in the colors of the bisexual flag, and the cast is packed with various queer celebrities. (These were also the same colors as her short, manicured nails, seen in a sneak peek of Lover she posted on Instagram). As an artist who, by his own admission, doesn’t do anything unintentionally, it’s hard not, as a queer fan, to want to read those things as clues as well.

Maybe they are. In the deepest and most joyous chamber of my heart… I want those clues to be real. But we just don’t know who or what Taylor really is deep down, no matter what signs we think we see. But what we do know is that Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics to “The Very First Night” with lyrics that could easily be construed as teasing. It amuses me to think of her sitting down and writing a verse that she knew would drive a not insignificant part of her fan base crazy with its implications. (Yes, I know these “From the Vault” songs were apparently written before 2012, but I’m willing to believe they got a little zhuzh in 2021.) Nice to have a little joke between me, Taylor, and a million of her other big fans. Even if the lyrics to this song left queer fans in consternation, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift is … talented.

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