‘World’s worst boss’ banned me from reading a BOOK on break because it takes too long to eat my lunch

The chairman has been criticized for preventing an employee from reading a book during their lunch break.

The reason given to the employee was because it made them eat their food longer.

The employee said he was forbidden to read during lunch time


The employee said he was forbidden to read during lunch timeCredit: Getty – Contributor

The book-loving employee from the US revealed the move on Reddit.

They wrote: “I was reading books during lunch breaks at work and today they decided to ban ‘reading materials’ because it ‘takes too long to eat’.”

I explained to them that cell phones, social media, and the like also contain letters and that this constituted “reading material.”

“The owner’s response was ‘I don’t want to ban cell phones’…so for them cell phones are fine but the book is not.”

But the employee claims it was his bad teeth that made him take longer work leave.

They said, “I have to chew with my front teeth (mostly) and can use my natural teeth to chew very carefully and deliberately.

“Chewing food takes longer (relatively) than most people. They decided ‘the book’ was the reason why I was so slow.”

Reddit users were shocked by his boss’s actions.

Someone said, “Better than that, just ask them how much time you have, say 30 minutes, 1 hour, what do you have, and then you can do whatever you want in that time because it’s your break time.”

Another said: This literally has nothing to do with them. If you don’t want to eat at all and play a Rubik’s Cube then this is your time.”

Reportedly, the “worst boss in the world” was convicted of sending an angry email to all of his employees for taking “sick days” and not wearing a suit.

Another worker revealed how his boss told him to answer his call on the first ring – or else he would be punished for wasting his time.

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