Xponents Funding: Xponents raises $1.56 million in seed funding

Xponents recently raised $1.56 million in venture capital from the United Arab Emirates. The company plans to allocate funds to create and enhance the upcoming AI-based platform that creates ecosystem synergies across multiple industries and builds teams for each growth industry.

With the idea of ​​accelerating India’s growth story towards a $5 trillion economy, Xponents recognizes the strengths and challenges of both family-run businesses to help them synchronize and co-create with each other. With access to more than 4,000 business families, Xponents plans to create landing platforms for global startups and take Indian companies to global markets, through family-run businesses.

Commenting on the launch of Xponents, co-founder Sarth Jain said, “India is the largest FMB ecosystem and the third largest startup ecosystem in the world and they don’t speak the same language. If these two ecosystems spoke, we would be able to cross the $5 trillion mark and possibly aim for 10 trillion dollars. We are building a cross-platform ecosystem to enable all stakeholders to synergize and grow.”

Abhishek, an angel investor, said in a statement, “The next wave of turmoil will be in the B2B sector. The experience of family-run companies in this field will be a great opportunity for startups to tap into the potential in this field.”

The company was founded by Sarth Jain, Deepak Nagpal and Ratish Pandey. Jain is also the president of the Vinyl Pipes Company. Nagpal has served various leadership roles with Publicis Sapient and Fidelity in his career spanning 23 years. Pandey has 35 years of corporate experience in multinational companies in both domestic and international markets and brings expertise in strategy, go-to-market, sales and marketing, business transformation and team direction.

“I strongly believe that startups and founders are a huge force in fueling India’s growth story and that family business owners have an excellent understanding of market dynamics, real-world problems, and opportunities. I have always wanted to combine these two great forces to create something new,” Nagpal said in a statement.

The company has launched three segments – Xponents Ventures, Xponents Deals, and Xponents Investments. It has also established well-established family businesses Alpha Plastomers, Kabra Bearing and Power and Ganesh Laxmi Textile Processors.

India is dominated by family run companies that have ambition and can change the entire industry but do not have access to next generation mindset, synergy and scalability. Therefore, Xponents aims to bring together family businesses and bridge the technology gap between them to achieve exponential growth.


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